Elsewhere Dunedin

Green Island Badminton Club
Green Island Badminton Club play at Sunnyvale Sports Centre on a Monday night from March to September.

Contact: Ken (03) 489 3717 (home) / (03) 474 0011 (work)
Email: zn.ten.bulcnotnimdabdnalsineergnull@tcatnoc
Facebook: faceboo.com/GreenIslandBadmintonClub
Website: www.greenislandbadmintonclub.net.nz

Mosgiel Juniors Badminton Club
Mosgiel Juniors Badminton Club is a great place for kids to learn, enjoy and develop their game.

Contact: Jenny Stadnyk 027 607 7007
Email: moc.liamgnull@ntnmdbroinujleigsoM

Otago Campus Badminton Club
The Otago Campus Badminton Club (est. 2008) aims to provide:

  1. A friendly environment for students, staff and general public around campus to share interests in playing Badminton.
  2. Knowledge about the sport of Badminton
  3. A consistent practice schedule for players to achieve a higher performance
  4. Fun games and fair play to improve the players’ health, fitness, badminton skills and reduce the risk of injury.

Email: moc.liamgnull@notnimdabco
Facebook Page: facebook.com/OCBadminton/
Facebook Group: facebook.com/groups/263722805704/
Website: http://www.ocbc.org.nz/

Portobello Badminton Club
Portobello Badminton Club is aimed at Seniors. Club nights are held on a Sunday at Coronation Hall during the badminton season (April-September). 2014 season starts April 6.

Contact: Laurel (03) 478 0512