Everyone LOVES photos

We’re getting the photos uploaded, here are a few more slide shows and links.

When following the link, you may find yourself on on Google+ (they do a nice slideshow type display, also) and when you click on the photo you want, go to OPTIONS in the bottom left hand corner and select download.

If you find yourself on Picasa (less nice slideshow), click on a photo to see if full screen then select ACTIONS at the top to download it.


Team event


Doubles & Mixed

Action shots! (Mostly Men’s Doubles Open)

Teams: results available

Thanks to all for a fantastic day of great badminton.

Results for the team event can be found here:

Photos will be posted here shortly.

Thanks to Jeff, Suzanne, Ah-Lek and Anne for making the day run smoothly.

Singles are on tomorrow, see you there!

Master Games: draws available now

The draws for the Masters Games 2012 are out now.

See here for the team event – played on Sunday, Feb 5 from 9am. For the Singles, Doubles, and Mixed draw (played Mon through Wed), see here.

Court allocations for all events can be viewed here.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!