Cadbury Cup teams named

We’re ready forCadbury Cup – a Masters event played over Queens Birthday weekend in Invercargill.

Thank you to everyone who made themselves available. A bit of background for those who haven’t played before:

The Cadbury Cup and the Johnny Philp Trophy are played on a home and away basis. It is the collective score at the end of both ties that counts.
We are start in Invercargill at 10:30 am. The trip down is about 2 hours 30 minutes so departure time is 8 am. Transport is via carpools, so find some to give you a lift or offer. It is customary to give the driver money for petrol. There is no other cost except for your own needs, food and drink mainly.
It is probably best to travel down in your playing gear. This ensures you have most of your gear when you get there. Once at the stadium, get moving and warm up. This involves a lot of moving! Once warm, stretch! It is best to work with your team and encourage each other. There will be plenty of time at the end for talking and socialising at the end.
Team Captains should get sheets and court allocations and then direct the team to the right courts for a hit up. Use two shuttles in pairs as this is more effective than using one between four.
Games will commence when all are ready. Convention dictates we play doubles first for the bottom combination up. Mixed is played after the doubles.
Please umpire games and if not playing or umpiring support your team members.
When the tie is finished, showers are available so a change of clothing is suggested. Casual dress for a comfortable trip back to Dunedin is suggested. A light meal will be provided at the end of the tie by the Southland team and this is usually a very good feed.
Historically we should be back in town by 7 pm.
Lunch, this is on the run. You need to bring food to keep you going till about 3 pm and play at your best. Also you will need sufficient liquid to keep you hydrated also.
We hope this note answers all the questions but if you need more info or help sorting transport, please ask Ah-Lek or the old hands, Ken Lawson, Bronwyn Bennington, Ward Kellet or Jim Hoffman.


Team Sheet as at 16 May 2014

Team 1

Team 2

  • Diane Guevremont
  • Peter Beirne
  • Sue Harris
  • Ward Kellet
  • Tania Bettie
  • Wayne Mansfield
  • Sue Dawson
  • John Johnston

Team 3

  • Robyn Gray
  • Nang Lee
  • Vi Griffin
  • Order zyloprim online

  • Ah-Lek Tay
  • Carmen Alberch
  • Ken Lawson
  • Kate Botting
  • David Poulter

Mens Team

Murray Hale
David Richards
Dave Mitchell
Mark Grellet One more to add
One more to add


Masters update & Sunday practice

With Club nights starting, Masters practice has moved back to Sundays:

Angus Badminton Centre
6pm to 8pm

Other dates to note:

Any questions, contact Ah-Lek zn.gro.ogatonotnimdabnull@tnediserp Best cannabis seeds bank