Catch Phrase Competition

The OBA special project committee recently met and discussed methods to improve the appeal of the Badminton hall and to make the purpose of the hall clear to the general public.

The current hall naming and sponsorship deal expires this year giving us this opportunity. An interesting/appealing catch phrase would assist the intended rebranding of the hall. This would be intended to accompany the Badminton Otago Graphic.

We would be grateful if you could circulate to all people associated with Badminton that we are holding a competition to develop a catchphrase for the OBA to be painted on the front of the Badminton Hall. Buy buy zoloft on line Official Drugstore.

A prize of 5 hours court time at Angus Badminton Centre and a $50 z fuel gift card will be awarded to the person providing the best catchphrase as judged by the OBA committee. Entries will close on the 15th of May to be discussed at the OBA meeting on the 16th of May. Please submit entries to John Schollum at zn.tvog.bhdnrehtuosnull@mullohcs.nhoj or on the Facebook Page.

An example catchphrase might be Hit me with your best shot! as pictured below the OBA graphic.